Here’s what some of our customers say about us:

El Mirador Fine Picture Framing is a wonderful framing shop that I have been using for all my framing needs for over ten years. Whether it is an official document, a hand-made needlepoint, vintage or new photograph, movie poster, batik fabric, oil painting, water-color, original or print, or shadow-box, they make every frame perfectly to suit every project. It is a local, woman-owned small business nestled next to UNM in the Nob Hill shopping district in Albuquerque, NM. They have a wide variety of frames and mats to choose from and [years of] framing experience to help you with any of your framing needs. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about art and framing. They are talented and detail-oriented. Whether I have an idea about what I want in a frame or no idea about where to start with a framing project, they have always been helpful, courteous and efficient. If I am under a deadline to get a project finished, they are willing to expedite for me. For that special custom touch, you cannot get in the big box stores, I highly recommend El Mirador Fine Framing for all of your framing needs.

Vicki Dean Mayhew, Owner
AP-T Camera Repair
I love this shop.[They have] framed everything from family photographs to expensive art pieces for us. El Mirador has a great selection of frames---from the simple to the ornate---and an excellent choice of matting. [They don't] just know frames; [they know] art and take whatever time is needed to play with options. [They are] able to look at your photos, art or posters and create masterpieces. While she'll share her ideas about what she thinks will work, she leaves the ultimate choice to us. We've had several pieces framed here (probably 50 or more) for our home and office, and they have all held up well. In some instances, the framing actually looks better than what it's surrounding. The product is always top notch, it's affordable, and we're extremely lucky to have a business of this quality in Albuquerque. ​ ​

 Christopher J. Alexander, Ph.D.
 Child Psychologist
Having lived in LA most of our lives and loving all types of art, we became very familiar with fine and not-so-fine framing. Upon moving to Albuquerque four years ago, we accidentally wandered upon El Mirador Fine framing. They are a small shop located in what might be termed a strip mall boasting a Taco Bell and five or six other small businesses, but the framing that comes out of the place is right up there with the best of them. They are very creative, so you might go in with your mind set on one thing and leave having ordered something completely different and even more to your liking.

 J. Antonio Nieto
Jerrold L. Owens
I have been taking my fine art to get framed at El Mirador for many years. Since the first time I walked into her shop, I have found the proprietor to be a very talented and completely professional framer. She is extremely knowledgeable in both the science and art of fine framing. She takes the utmost care in preserving the art while creating beautiful framing which enhances, but does not compete against the work. I have had several friends who also have experience framing who are in awe of her work. Can't wait to have the next piece framed at El Mirador! ​

 David Lyman
I recently came to El Mirador Fine Framing with a large project with a number of complexities. I was hoping for personalized service, a lot of care, sound advice, and someone who was easy to work with. El Mirador’s owner provided everything I hoped for, and more. The project included 22 photographic portraits and 11 printed biographies, all of which had to be mounted and framed in a coherent and elegant format. All while keeping within a budget. ​[She] worked tirelessly with me to accomplish these goals, drawing from her many years of experience, as well as her keen eye and her kindness. The results are stunning. Meticulously framed. Elegant. Beautiful. This was phase one of a long term project, and I look forward to working with them on future phases." 

Thank you so much for all of your help and kindness, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

All the best,
David Lisak, Ph.D. ​
Forensic Consulting 
www.davidlisak.com The Bristlecone Project